We’re happy to announce our newest poster, The Constitution: Blueprint of a Nation. Explore the Constitution in a new way— with our engaging blueprint design!

With our poster, you don’t have to read all 7,502 words of the Constitution to understand it. We’ve covered all the main points of interest: the preamble, the articles, and the amendments.

From federalism to individual rights, our poster features the seven constitutional principles. Follow the color-coded highlights and locate real examples of each principle in action in the Constitution.

And you know numbers are kind of our thing, so we’ve included interesting info throughout the poster.

Plus, we’ve included all that boring stuff that teachers enjoy— like direct quotes from the Constitution itself.

If you’ve ever needed an instant Constitution reference, this is your poster!


Since 1787, the Electoral College has been representing American voters (sort of).

 Our new poster is printed in the United States on a durable 100-lb full-bodied paper, with an attractive matte finish.

Hey—if you’re going to hang a poster in your classroom, why not make it colorful, engaging, and fun-ctional!

We’ve been making engaging posters since 2006, and we hope that you enjoy the latest addition to our poster line.

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