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The Periodic Table of the Presidents Key

The Periodic Table of the Presidents is a one-stop-shop for presidential and U.S. history – from George Washington to Donald Trump.  Presidents are ordered by their presidential numbers, grouped by historical periods, and color coded by political party. Included in each cell are the president’s name, number, unique name abbreviation, number of times elected as president, and years in office.

Furthermore, the PTOTP shows which presidents have left office prematurely – by assassination, by death, or by resignation.  The presidents who succeeded to the presidency are indicated by a “VP” insignia, and the presidents who have been impeached have an icon in their cells as well.


Political Parties & Historical Highlights

Newly added to this version, period highlights spotlight major events from each era.  And based on our students’ requests, we have also added descriptions of the political parties and how the major parties have changed over time.

The Periodic Table of the Presidents - Political Parties Key

Amendments & WarsThe Periodic Table of the Presidents - Wars and Amendments

And what about the wars that we’ve fought as a country?  The PTOTP shows the major wars next to the president(s) who led our country at the time.   And what about voting amendments that have changed our electorate?  Those are also shown alongside the elections they affected.

The Periodic Table of the Presidents - Abraham LincolnDollars & Cents

In addition to essential presidential data, the PTOTP shows more trivial information, such as a mountain icon for Mount Rushmore presidents.  It also notes the dollar bill or coin that a president appears on. 

The Periodic Table of the Presidents is a great way to engage students (and adults) in a worthwhile discussion about our country’s past through the lens of presidential history.  If you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@periodicpresidents.com.  Also, visit the Shop tab to purchase the PTOTP poster.  For engaging infographics and lessons, follow us on Twitter @periodicprez.

You can order the new PTOTP poster, plus our Periodic Table of the Amendments and Periodic Table of Presidential Elections, at the following link:


The Periodic Table of Presidential Elections  The Periodic Table of the Amendments

Thank you, and enjoy!

– PJ & Jamie Creek


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    Just saw this at the NCSS in NOLA. It’s the coolest. We’re ordering both posters for our classes. Love it!

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