1. George Washington

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“Father of His Country”


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Presidential Basics

  • Full name: George Washington
  • Years in office: 1789-1797
  • Political party: None, but favored Federalists
  • Vice president: John Adams
  • Age at inauguration: 57
  • Nickname: “Father of His Country”

Random Trivia

  • Unanimous victory: Washington was the only president to be elected unanimously.  (See the PTOPE)
  • Six Star General: Washington officially out-ranks all officers in the U.S. Army.  (See the General Bond infographic)

Birth & Death

  • Birthday: February 22, 1732
  • Birthplace: Pope’s Creek, Virginia
  • Death date: December 14, 1799
  • Place of death: Mount Vernon, Virginia
  • Place of burial: Family tomb at home in Mount Vernon, Virginia
  • Last words: “‘Tis well”


  • Father: Augustine Washington (1694–1743); Planter/iron manufacturer
  • Mother: Mary Ball Washington (1708–1789)
  • Wife: Martha Dandridge Custis (1731–1802)
  • Marriage: January 6, 1759 in Virginia
  • Kids: No biological children together; Adopted two children from Martha’s first marriage
    • John “Jack” Parke Custis (1754-1781)
    • Martha “Patsy” Custis (1756-1773)
  • Home: Mount Vernon, Virginia

Other Facts

  • Height: 6’2″
  • Eye color: Blue-gray
  • Ancestry: English
  • Religion: Episcopalian
  • Born in a log cabin: No
  • Owned enslaved people: Yes
  • Freemason: Yes


  • Early education: Private tutoring by family (about an elementary school education)
  • College degree: No


  • Military Service: Yes
  • Lawyer: No
  • Surveyor in the western frontier (1748–)
  • Planter
  • Officer with Virginia Militia (1752–)
  • Commander-in-Chief of Virginia Militia (1755)
  • Member of Virginia House of Burgesses (1759–1774)
  • Justice of Fairfax County
  • Member of Continental Congress (1774–1775)
  • Commander-in-Chief of Continental Army (1775–1783)
  • President of Constitutional Convention (1787–1788)
  • President (1789–1797)


  • The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscripts


The voters had to convince a weary Washington to “run” for the president in the election of 1789.  It was really less of an election and more of a selection.  The electors unanimously elected Washington, the only president to achieve such.

John Adams, recieving the second highest amount of electoral votes, became vice president.

Again, Washington was not thrilled with running for president.  He was ready to retire to his home at Mount Vernon.  But, the times were tumultuous.  France and Britain were at odds, and the South was ever-threatening secession.

As such, Washington decided to remain the president of this new country, once again winning by unanimous vote.

Spotlight Artifact

George’s False Teeth

Contrary to the popular legend, George Washington’s false teeth were not made of wood. In fact, Washington’s dentures were constructed of materials such as bone, human teeth, cow teeth, lead, brass, gold wire, and even hippopotamus ivory. According to the Mount Vernon website, Washington had only one real tooth remaining at his first inauguration. Despite his noteworthy physical strength and impressive persona, Washington was most likely plagued by dental difficulties for most of his adult life. 

Source: http://www.mountvernon.org




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