Nickname: Father of His Country

Years in office: 1789–1797

Political party: None, but favored Federalist

Birthday: February 22, 1732

Official presidential portrait of George Washington

by Gilbert Stuart, 1797 

George Washington’s false teeth (from the collection at Mount Vernon)

Contrary to popular belief, George Washington’s false teeth were not made of wood. In fact, Washington’s dentures were constructed of materials such as bone, human teeth, cow teeth, lead, brass, gold wire, and even hippopotamus ivory. According to the Mount Vernon website, Washington had only one real tooth remaining at his first inauguration. Despite his noteworthy physical strength and impressive persona, Washington was most likely plagued by dental difficulties for most of his adult life.

The voters had to convince a weary Washington to “run” for president. In the end, it was more a selection than an election. He is the only president to be elected unanimously by the electoral college.

John Adams, with the second highest amount of votes, became the vice president.

In 1792, Washington was ready for retirement. But, with France and Britain at odds, and the American South threatening secession, he was convinced to serve again. For the last time in election history, a president was elected unanimously.


Pope’s Creek, Westmoreland County, VA 


Mount Vernon, Mt. Vernon, VA


Mount Vernon, Mt. Vernon, VA


Washington, D.C.


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