Nickname: Old Man Eloquent

Years in office: 1825–1829

Political party: Democratic-Republican

Birthday: July 11, 1767

Official presidential portrait of John Quincy Adams

by George Peter Alexander Healy, ca. 1858

Daguerreotype of John Quincy Adams, taken in March 1843

Here it is…the first photo, or daguerreotype actually, of a (former) president.

John Quincy Adams won the election of 1824 with less electoral votes than Andrew Jackson. Since no candidate received a majority of the electoral votes, the election was decided by the House of Representatives. Adams won; Jackson called it a corrupt bargain.

Andrew Jackson won this rematch with John Quincy Adams. He again won the popular vote, but this time gained the necessary majority of electoral votes. It was a campaign full of mudslinging, and may have led to the death of Jackson’s wife, Rachel. Notably, the electorate increased in this election as most white males were granted the right to vote.


Quincy, MA 


Peace Field, Quincy, MA


Stone Library, Quincy, MA


United First Parish Church, Quincy, MA


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