Nickname: Big Lub

Years in office: 1909–1913

Political party: Republican

Birthday: September 15, 1857

Official presidential portrait of Theodore Roosevelt

by Anders Leonard Zorn, 1911

Taft and Members of Supreme Court, Smithsonian

After serving as president, William Howard Taft was appointed to the position that he saw as his greatest achievement, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He is the only person to sere in both of these roles.

After being elected in 1904, TR vowed to only serve that term and then leave public office. Many Americans were surprised when, in the election of 1908, TR upheld that promise.  Even thought he was very popular, and the Republican party tried to nominate him, TR stayed out of the spotlight. He instead threw his support behind his hand-picked successor, William Howard Taft. Taft promised to continue the progressive reforms that began with Roosevelt. This was enough to get him elected to our highest executive office.

The election of 1912 pitted Woodrow Wilson against two worthy opponents.  The first was incumbent William Howard Taft, the hand-picked successor of Teddy Roosevelt.  The second was Teddy Roosevelt.  Roosevelt re-entered politics fearing that Taft was too conservative.  Since the Republican party already had its candidate in Taft, Roosevelt ran as a Progressive (also know as the Bull Moose Party). Wilson ran on policies of lowering tariffs, breaking up monopolies, and supporting small businesses.  He won the electoral votes of 40 states, becoming our 28th president.


Cincinnati, OH


Arlington, VA


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