I Dig Whigs

I Dig Whigs

What’s a Whig? 

Born as a party opposed to Andrew Jackson, the Whigs took their name from Revolutionary Era Patriots who fought against rule by a king. The Whig Party believed in a strong Congress and aimed to end the reign of a powerful president they called “King Andrew” Jackson. The Whig Party was a coalition of many viewpoints, but overall, it supported industrial modernization and social reform.

Gettin’ Whiggy With It

Catching pneumonia after giving a two hour inaugural address. Getting kicked out of your own political party and eventually joining the Confederacy. Becoming deathly ill after eating cherries and drinking milk. Creating the first White House library and signing the Compromise of 1850.

These are some of the deeds of our Whig presidents. Here at the Periodic Table of the Presidents, we’ve decided to feature the the often overlooked Whigs.  In honor of these lesser-known chief executives, we’ve made a new infographic for the classroom.

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