Our New Electoral College Poster

Our New Electoral College Poster

The only poster you’ll need for the next presidential elections! Updated with the latest 2020 census data. This engaging poster shows each state’s electoral votes. The bigger the bubble, the more votes for that state. We see you, California!

Also, you’ll notice small green and red arrows by some bubbles. These states gained (green) or lost (red) electoral votes, since the last census.

If you’ve ever needed an instant electoral college reference, this is your poster!


Since 1787, the Electoral College has represented the voice of the American people (sort of).

 Our new poster is printed in the United States on a durable 100-lb full-bodied paper, with an attractive matte finish.

Hey—if you’re going to hang a poster in your classroom, why not make it colorful, engaging, and fun-ctional!

We’ve been making engaging posters since 2006, and we hope that you enjoy the latest addition to our poster line.

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