Nickname: Tricky Dick

Years in office: 1969–1974

Political party: Republican

Birthday: January 9, 1913

Official presidential portrait of Theodore Roosevelt

by James Anthony Wills, 1984

Nixon’s the One!, Jim Michaelson, 1968 (National Museum of American History)

This campaign poster almost seems like a seek-and-find game. There are so many slogans, people, and images, it is easy to get caught up in the small details.  See if you can find Wilt Chamberlain, Pat Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Clint Eastwood.

In the election of 1960, the young war hero, John F. Kennedy, faced Vice President Richard Nixon. Although Nixon had the benefit of experience, election polls showed the two men at a near tie.

Kennedy gained the advantage during the first televised debates.  Kennedy looked cool and collected, while Nixon appeared pale and nervous. This advantage would push Kennedy right into the White House, making him the youngest president ever elected.

In 1968, the nominations were as historically significant as the election itself. Richard Nixon was us against newcomer, Ronald Reagan, in his fight for the Republican nomination. On the Democratic side, President Johnson withdrew after a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary, and Robert Kennedy was assassinated on the night he won the California primary. And the Democratic convention in Chicago ended in riots.

In the end, Republican Richard Nixon faced Democrat Hubert Humphrey. Nixon started with a lead, largely due to public anger over the Vietnam War. However, by election day it was a close race. Nixon won the race, becoming our 37th president.

In the election of 1972, incumbent Nixon faced South Dakota senator George McGovern. Nixon’s early lead only increased when it was discovered that McGovern’s running mate had a history of mental illness. Nixon also parlayed his diplomatic gains as president into big election day returns. Nixon won 49 of 50 states, losing only Massachusetts.  However, this win for Nixon was marred by the Watergate scandal.


Yorba Linda, CA


Yorba Linda, CA


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